Redesign concept


As a Couchsurfing user, I have noticed some problems while using the mobile app and always asked myself how it could be better. The design seemed overly complex and it wasn't so easy to understand the structure, with multiple options leading to the same place or action.
With that being said, I felt as though the visual aesthetics could be improved, appealing to either new users or existing ones. So the goal of this project was to implement a more organised hierarchical structure with a new appealing visual design making the experience simpler and funnier.

Identified problems


Jorge, 23 years old, single, is a digital nomad who works remotely all over the world. Loves travelling and meeting new people all the time. Always seek for friendly hosts whose can show him a few their places.When tries to find hosting on the app gets always confused where to start. Also, finds hard to search things and like to participate in events and use hangouts frequently.

Bruna, 21 years old, single, is a Design student and currently looking for a position in her field. Is passionate for travelling and likes to explore new places, even in her own city. Is a heavy user of hangouts feature and is always showing around the city to foreigners and is always up for a beer.


The user flow was designed to be easy to navigate and get to other screens as simple as possible, allowing them to complete their objectives efficiently.


During the wireframing process some possibilities started to pop up and with further exploration, some decisions were made in order to achieve a better structure. I started off wireframing on paper because it gave me more freedom to explore.

With a rough idea of the screens,
I jumped to more detailed-digital wireframes so that I could test different layouts, type sizes and if the screen-flow was good enough and so on.

Visual Style

To build the visual style, the Couchsurfing brand’s core values were in focus. The earthy orange of the Wordmark was adjusted to provide the human touch and sense of authenticity that is stated in their brand plus other nature-related colours  - blue, yellow and green - were thoughtfully added all together to make the experience more human and vivid.






Very friendly illustrated onboarding screens to help to introduce the user to Couchsurfing’s atmosphere.


Search through Travellers, Hosts and Events in a smarter and simpler way. You can also find a place for your next trip, offer host to someone or even a cool event to go.


Keep control of your trips and create as many trips as you need with ease


Let people know if you’re up to hosting someone. Accept or not new guests and manage the existing ones.


Get in touch with your friends, create templates to send when asking a host and archive old messages


While exploring a new city you can use hangouts to meet locals or other travelers, set  a local, time and meet up!

Social Events

A  dynamic and organised way to find events  around your surroundings

Did not find anything good ?
Create your own event and be the hostest!


See more about the person, check their homes are comfy for you and get to know more about their experience in Couchsurfing.

Other Screens








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